A kind update to our customers:

By Brie Easthope

A kind update to our customers:

Like many businesses and industries around the world right now, we are all scrambling to restructure the way we undertake our day to day activities. The same goes for our Australian Flower Industry who are facing massive supply challenges during this time.

With the current state of the world, we are presented with huge limitations on international and interstate flower supply. Meaning that our Flower Growers here in NSW are inundated with cries for help from the many the Florists still trading to fill their stores with flowers and evidently, your homes.

At this point with our limited shop hours and reduced supply of fresh plant materials, we do not have pre-made bouquets for sale in store. We are more than happy to make up beautiful designs with the stock we can source if we are given time and notice.

What you can all do to help us:

  • Contact us directly on 0492817950 for all local floral orders including pick-ups.
  • Have an open vision of the flowers you would like and trust we will create something magic.
  • Consider sending a pretty little house plant instead of flowers. 
  • Be kind and patient as we try to ride this wave together.
  • Consider the demands and difficulties many companies are facing during this time and show your support with understanding.

We are so very thankful for our busy little shop and for our understanding customers. Flowers do not bloom without a little rain, and every storm will always pass.


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